Children @ Bay Terrace

December 2014

Nature Inspired Playgrounds did an excellent job with our Tree House. The knowledge and expertise of Kym and Carol, helped us to make informed decisions and avoid potential problems.

Initial site visits and open communication made ideas and solutions easy to create throughout the whole process of the construction of the tree house. Nature Inspired Playgrounds easily adapted and made changes with-out any problems and came up with many clever solutions. They catered for the needs of our children and our centre. We had many discussions throughout the process from all parties involved to combine all our ideas.

We were extremely satisfied and pleased with the customer service provided. They explained all the groundwork and if we had a change in the weather got on top of things and kept the project moving along.

Carol and Kym were very efficient and we knew they would take care of things. Whenever we had concerns they were very friendly and informative.

Every step of the way, we were pleased with our experience, and Nature Inspired playgrounds made this possible.