Ipswich Kindergarten November 2015

The staff, committee and families at Ipswich Kindy were keen to ensure an upgrade to our playground would support the children’s engagement and appreciation of the natural environment and enhance our park like setting and surroundings. This was a major project for our centre and we were extremely pleased with our decision to engage “Nature Inspired Playgrounds”.

Kym, Carol and Grant shared the vision for our playground and expertly transformed and enhanced our ‘mixed pot of ideas’ to create a wonderful natural learning space, which has fostered the children’s sense of exploration and discovery while encouraging their connection with nature.

Kym, Carol and Grant were extremely knowledgeable and professional throughout the whole process and their ongoing consultation and communication with us was very reassuring. This constant collaboration ensured we had a space that suited our particular needs and environment.

Being able to observe the transformation, along with Kym, Carol and Grant’s patience and willingness to answer the children’s endless questions, only added to the children’s excitement and sense of ownership of the project as they explained what was happening to anyone visiting the centre. It was a truly positive experience for us all!

Thankyou Kym, Carol and Grant, we are delighted with the result.


Lynette Rogers


Ipswich Kindergarten




(Some of the comments from our family comment board on the playground)

Family Comments:


·      “We love the new playground. So much fun.”

·      “What a great place to be and explore.”

·      “Love all of it! The drum is great!”

·      “The new playground is fantastic!”

·      “We think it is awesome, a great place for adventure.”

·      “Tilly loves the beautiful footpath that winds through the playground.”

·      “What an amazing result, well done!”

·      “Love the natural feel!”

·      “Riley can’t stop talking about the ‘river’ to the digging patch.”